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Mary's second book - Berkhamsted High Street Drawings 2000-2002

£19.50 in both Waterstones and Woods of Berkhamsted, contact Mary for signed copy.

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  After returning to England from Singapore, the drawing bug had really set in and one Sunday I went down to the high street of my home town of Berkhamsted and drew the local baker's shop, where I used to work as a Saturday girl. My youngest sister came with me, and we sat on the steps of the bank and both drew. Well, she got bored, finished her sketch, and went home. I, however, decided to just stay on, and started to draw the building next to it…

Before I knew it, I was hooked on drawing the next building and the next one, and to cut a long story short, it became a personal mission. I spent every spare moment I could out on Berkhamsted High Street with my camping chair and sketchbook before work, during my lunch-breaks, even up until 10 o'clock at night, if I could just get the next shop done…

Eventually, three years later, I had done it all. I had drawn every building on both sides of Berkhamsted High Street. Wow! In doing so I had become a bit of a local institution, everyone wanted to know not only what I was doing, but why? Oh yes - and did I know the gift shop over there used to be a butcher's?

Well, my grandparents on both sides have lived here since the mid 1930's, my parents too, my brothers and sisters and I grew up here so I did know a lot of snippets about what the shops used to be. However my interest grew, and I began researching, which consisted of talking to my grandad and his mates and reading the local history books, even so, there were gaps. I went into every shop, and asked people what they knew; I acquired phone numbers of former staff who were, for example, retired and living in Blackpool, called them up, listened and slowly I had a history of each shop, or building.

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