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House Portrait Frequently Asked Questions.

I have a lamp post outside my house

That's no problem, I can also "remove" satellite dishes, drainpipes, burglar alarms etc.

My hanging baskets aren't ready yet

Don't worry - I can embellish them, add trailing roses round your door, grow hollyhocks, daffodils, anything you like. Artistic licence can be very useful.

My hedge needs cutting

I can lower hedges to show windows etc

I'm' not too keen on my neighbours and /or the appearance of their house

I can either fade their house out of the picture, erase it completely or embellish the space with some greenery.

It's a present for my husband, I don't want him to see you drawing

I can draw at times to suit you, avoiding weekends, finish by 5pm etc., but you may need to let the neighbours in on the secret!

I'll be at work myself, do you need me to be at home?

No, I'm quite self sufficient. Once we've discussed the angle I'm going to draw from and any special additions/omissions at the initial rendezvous I just turn up, draw, paint and go home.

I have a large house, will you be able to draw it all in a day?

Yes, I just start early, but there is no extra charge if I have to come back a second day.

How far do you travel? We have a weekend cottage in Devon.

I would have to add on transport costs for properties that are more than an hour's reasonable drive from Berkhamsted. Transport costs are currently £50 per 100 miles (50p per mile).

It will be more convenient for me to send you a photo of my house, is this OK?

If you have a clear, accurately coloured photo of your house, from an angle that you like that will be fine.